Once again, memories of KD 9 White shoe

Looking at the night sky, the past a lot of good will quietly into my mind, always leaving me unable to forgive those who have memories, these lost memories are often the most beautiful movement in my life. And when we to past things over and over again sigh when often is a time when good things with his passing. The moment of glory may leave a lifetime of memories, for the old miss always unable to let go of the plot, so are the people who should leave later time.

In 1996, the year, KD, only 18 directly from high school to the NBA, almost all the critics issued such a KD 9 White sigh. Yes, they said yes! Ten years after KD also got too much talent, too much self-confidence, and much wealth, and of course the three highest honor symbol of the professional players championship ring. When those same player is in an uncertain future for yourself silently struggle, KD, the highest peak of the kids has stood in the professional league; Kobe has twenty years later with the 6 rings and countless honor to become one of the greatest players in the NBA, is really a symbol of the NBA and embodiment, of course, a myriad of record and a pile of classic KD Shoes White sneakers.

"Mamba day" is Nike's official to make the name for the April 14, 2016, in KD's birthday this day, I don't natural and thought about the past him to accompany me through the day, the legendary exit ensures our youth to dismissal. It might be a little solemn and stirring, he just went away with our youth and the memories, too much good and frustration with KD seems to have evaporated, my age, basketball career don't know how long, but it seems as KD left some hidden deep in his bones stubborn so no breath left me. Actually I'm not a big secret, also never a good collection what KD, jersey is supposed to wear to wear, shoe is the war, but when he really want to leave this game, and took me too many memories, let I dare not to think about the years carefully read the ball, also dare not to play with the years slowly through the KD Shoes White shoes, a man afraid of be sad.


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