Under Armour Curry 2.5 Sun Wukong nd Erlang Shen

Armour Curry 2.5 Sun Wukong and Erlang Shen Under Erlangshen and Sun Wukong version of the debut Sometimes the attractive shoes do not need too much complicated packaging, just need a sense of sympathy, the editorial department does not understand why, but one of the four masterpieces written by Wu Chengen China: Journey to the west, its rich characters and story and transgenerational influence, is rarely used as the design concept has been a surprised, the Curry 2.5 Sun Wukong is not only used, but also very cleverly into some funny, with Stephen Curry in the first visit to Taiwan, the author of the merchandise design concept is even more amazing, based in Beijing has always been to person and the world famous Facebook art, depicts the monkey king Curry 2.5 Sun Wukong and Shen Yang Jian. In the upper half of the charm, can see Sun Wukong's head and the new gold hoop third eyes clearly outline the upper line elements together to become, The overall appearance is Facebook, also become the upper deep flow line design for dynamic, the overall tone echoed this two characters on Facebook, costumes, and China wind weaving to re create the Under Armour shoes, Curry 2.5 "Sun Wukong and Erlang Shen" can be very successful to create a myth of the two image, insole understand the sixth sides to directly capture war in the novel, for the love of the classic people believe that attractive. Color, line and pattern outline unique profile with exaggerated facial makeup art of Peking Opera, highlighting the role positioning and distinctive characteristics, but the Under Armour to create a series of products to tilt enough in the story, both confrontation when 72 and 73 come up with their God, apparel accessories Journey to control Greatness "reminiscent of the last season the league wins record rewrite milepost. SC30 and Under are lined by Armour constitute signs as the traditional Chinese pattern carved windows, insole is on Sun Wukong's head and waist gold hoop new moon bow Curry 2.5 Sun Wukong shoes, finally lead respectively can see "Ruyi" and "Xiao Tian" on behalf of Sun Wukong in the hands of anchor rod and the new Golden hoop around Xiaotian the dog, so many details of the two characters vivid vividly in shoes, fully show the charm and charisma.