Cheap Curry 2.5 in 2017

Under armour launched in 2017 YOHOOD global trend this year new carnival SNKRS Out The Box exhibition, let love shoes people appreciate brand shoe Box not inspiration behind, including this pair of Special Cheap Curry 2.5 gives a person hard to send military USES of imagery, The Under armour Sportswear Footwear designer Ben Kirschner 'design, The combination of hiking Cheap Curry 2.5 shoes agitate .The design of The function of The full load, height of boots under The combination of leather and high density nylon fabric, while preserving security and comfort, and cloth shoes mouth can be found in slightly fold design, wide mouth device after The untied belt has quick wear performance, and use The rope weaving and adjustable strap, not only enrich The Cheap Curry 2.5 visual is The tools to survive, eventually to wipe a caramel color in The bottom end, be permeated with full outdoor soul. The Under armour Special Field Air Force 1 (SFAF - 1) will be put on sale in October in Under armour LAB level store point, pricing is $180.

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